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DSL has maintained an untarnished reputation for excellence as a full-service broker. Our commitment to provide our clients with superior investment advice, attentive customer service, and excellent trade executions continues to provide the foundation of our success in the brokerage services industry. Our customers are fund managers, unit trusts mutual funds, brokerage firms, high net worth individuals and retail investors.

Our top management has unmatched network of relationships with leading corporations of Pakistan. These relationships have been honed to a point where we virtually act as permanent advisors to such corporations. Such unlimited access gives us a tremendous competitive advantage when originating corporate finance transactions.

Our corporate finance activity is aimed at assisting private and public sector companies to formulate and execute plans for raising equity and debt capital. We also provide advisory services with regard to their existing financial and capital structures. Specific capital markets products include advisory and private placements of new and existing shares, underwriting of public issues and arranging short and long term commercial debt and trade finance.

Our portfolio management and investment advisory services are structured to provide high returns while maintaining a strict control over capital preservation and liquidity. These products will be targeted towards individual and institutional investors on a discretionary and non-discretionary basis and will include both money and capital market instruments. Given the experience of Darson Securities’ personnel in this area, we expect to introduce innovative, low risk financial products that will allow us to meet the individual investment needs of our customers.

Our sponsor, Dollar East, one of the largest exchange companies in Pakistan are envisioning to launch an on line foreign exchange web site to help the importers, exporters, and general public to buy, sell remit or send money overseas online. We are in touch with State Bank of Pakistan on this matter and once granted permission will launch a secure web site.

Darson is also member of National Commodity exchange of Pakistan, and offers its clients commodity trading facility in NCEL, a world-class commodity futures trading platform to trade in a wide spectrum of commodity derivatives.

We realize that credible research is vital for the success of a securities house. We view research as an essential pillar supporting our full-service platform and believe that the quality of our research will distinguish us from our competitors. Consequently, we place great emphasis on providing reliable, accurate and up-to-date research.

To achieve this we have staffed our research department with high quality professionals and provided them with best technology around.

Understanding the need of Pakistani Investors, Darsononline is expanding its branch office network in Pakistan. Currently Darson Securities has 12 Branch Offices operating in Pakistan and many more are under process.

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